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Synthetic Indoor Seamless PU Surfaces System

PFS designs and produces synthetic indoor polyurethane surfaces for training and competition. Our top quality products not only last for longer duration but also produces great results.

PFS indoor PU sports flooring serves as point elastic, sound attenuation and several sports events both training and competition. This PFS PU surfaces offer every athlete, professionals a uniform balance, shock absorption, complete control and rhythm. The advantages of PFS’s track surfaces include maximum performance for athletes. Moreover, it is a seamless flooring having simple cleaning and maintenance


This System come in the thickness of 13-15mm. The 13mm thickness is used for sandwich system globally by all the reputed producers. It is composed of polyurethane material with a PUR-bound elastic layer based on recycled granules (Cushioned base layer) is characterized by its shock absorbing quality. The durability and Resiliency comes from its 3mm PUR (Wear layer). The top-quality PFS’s PU Resin layer is highly resilient, which provides non-slip, spike resistance to this excellent athletics surfacing system.
This system is certifiable according to international sports association requirements.


It is applied on well moisture cured self-leveled smooth, waterproof concrete, with first layer PFS PU dual component rubber glue then second layer 4-12mm of prefabricated rubber roll. The third layer also called as filler layer is the polyurethane filler which is used to seal the base layer. Fourth layer also called Wear layer is Self Levelling polyurethane provides resiliency to the system. The fifth layer is final layer where PU top coat is applied, the property of this top coat is provide anti-glare and mostly its either mat finish or semi glossy. The Line Marking can be done after drying and verifying the finishes.
Layers :
1st Layer PFS-PU-2K-GL- Dual Component Glue.
2nd Layer PFS-RR-02- Prefabricated Rubber Roll.
3rd Layer PFS-PU-PF-03 – Pore Filler.
4th Layer PFS-PU-SL-04- Self Levelling.
5th Layer PFS-PU-IN-TC-05 PU Top Coat.
6th Layer PFS-PU-LM-IN-06 Line Marking

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PFS-EU offers innovative sports Installation and Sports Flooring. all over the Gulf ,Mean Region & Across the Europe.

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